Regions & Cities of Liguria

The multifaceted region of Liguria in the north of Italy offers a multitude: striking coastal towns and traditional fishing towns as well as medieval villages in the backland. The capital city of Liguria is Genoa which, due to its variety of cultural sights is very popular with tourists. Thanks to its infrastructure, Genoa is also a perfect spot for international congresses and conferences. The port cities Savona and La Spezia are frequented by passengers of big cruise liners and ships. Many Ligurian villages are known as "Borghi piu belli d´Italia", the most beautiful villages of Italy. Many VIPs and celebrities spend their summers in the coastal towns such as Portofino. The five picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site and the flagship of Liguria. One must see for one’s self, as a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Journeys & Events in Liguria

Over the years we have become the Liguria specialists. Organizing holidays, weekend trips and events in Liguria is what we do best. We create tailor-made concepts individually after our clients´ needs and wishes. We know every inch of Liguria and have access to the best locations, sights, activities and insider tips. For individual tourists and groups we organize theme tours, such as artistic & cultural journeys, garden journeysactive & trekking tours and special interest based holidays such as painting and photography.