Alassio & Albenga

Alassio has a very nice long beach with over 120 so called „bagni“. The town enchants with its lemon trees, villas, small and cosy hotels, gelaterias, boutiques, wine bars and restaurants. Walk across the long and popular alley "budello" through the shopping street in the city center. A famous spot in Alassio is the "muretto", a small wall in the Via Dante. It is decorated with lots of painted tiles. „Il Muretto“ is a monument of art and culture, but it is also a collection of autographs of famous actors, artists and athletes.


Albenga is a city of medieval towers and cathedrals with lots of cultural sites. Visit the city of Albenga with the early Christian Battisterio, the Piazzetta dei Leoni, the towers and the Museo Navale Romano (sunken Roman cargo vessel). Taste regionally grown foods such as the prickly artichoke, the trumpet-courgette and the violet asparagus. Take the time out to discover this medieval city in all its glory.