Santa Margherita, Rapallo & Camogli

Santa Margherita Ligure is an old fishing village and summer residence for many Genoese families. It is located in a bay of the Tigullian Gulf with a spectacular view of Portofino and Rapallo. In Santa Margherita Ligure you will find romantic places and small beaches as well as shopping treats with noble boutiques. Santa Margherita Ligure has a large range of hotels, restaurants and bars. A perfect spot for private vacations as well as congresses or meetings. This beautiful village has a lot to offer, including the Villa Durazzo with its beautiful park. The neighboring village Paraggi is also worth a visit where you can see the wreck of a cargo vessel which sank in 1917. 


Rapallo is located approximately 33 km to the south-east of Genova. With nearly 30.000 inhabitants it is the biggest seaside resort at the Riviera di Levante. The seafront which was rearranged in the last years invites you to take long walks or to rest in one of the nice little bars and restaurants. From Rapallo you can go with the ferry boat directly to Santa Margherita Ligure, San Fruttuoso or Portofino. Of historical significance is the year 1494, in which Rapallo was stormed by the army of Karl VIII and all inhabitants were killed. This massacre was supposed to be a retaliatory strike because Rapallo tried to hold up the troops of Karl VIII on their way to Naples. In the 20th century two State Treaties were signed:  On 12 November 1920 Italy and the kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1929 renamed to kingdom Yugoslavia) signed the Border Treaty of Rapallo. With the „Rapallo Treaty“ concluded 16 April 1922 Rapallo became historically, world famous.


Camogli is a small fishermen village close to Portofino. Among many attractions there are colorful decorated houses and the "christ of the abyss", a submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ. In 1954 it was placed in the water,  in memory of Dario Gonzatti who lost his life while diving. At approximately 17 metres depth it  stands approx. 2.5 metres tall. Also, every year in May the "sagra del pesce" is celebrated here. Fresh fish is baked in the world’s largest pan, so everyone can have a taste of the delicious fish specialties.