Season opening journeys

Season opening and end of season journeys to Liguria

Come for your seasonal opening or end of season journey to Liguria and impress your groups with a unique combination of art, culture and culinary art.

Season Opening journey:

Why not impress your customers with a trip to Liguria to open the travel season. Your groups will experience breathtaking scenery and will be sure to book with you again!

With this opening season journey you can join your groups into a season with further breathtaking journeys. Our goal is to keep your customers satisfied and to motivate them for many more journeys in the season.

End of season journey:  


Is your season coming to an end? Are you looking for a perfect ending? Then the end of season journey to Liguria is perfect for you. The mountains, the sea, the natives, the wine and the delicious food – indulge your customers’ senses with the endless treasures of Liguria! They will have an unforgettable time and look forward to the next season with you.  


Please contact us for an individual offer. On request the holders of the English speaking tour-operator Liguriaplus will assist you at your destination.