Liguria in Italy

Liguria is an Italian coastal region which adjoins to the Piemont in the north, to the east the Emilia-Romagna and the Tuscany, to the south the Ligurian Sea (Mediterranean Sea) and France to the west. Liguria has round about 1. 6 Mio. inhabitants and is one of the smallest regions in Italy.



The beautiful coastal region in the north of Italy 

Liguria is divided into the provinces Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia and it is traditionally divided into the “Riviera di Ponente“ in the west and the “Riviera di Levante“ i...   our offers

Cinque Terre

UNESCO-World Heritage Site Cinque Terre

Everyone who comes to Liguria, wants to see the famous Cinque Terre. From west to east the five picturesque villages, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore line up. Together with Portovenere, the C...   our offers


Where the VIPs meet in Italy

When you come to Liguria a must see is the small coastal town of Portofino. The former fishing village is well known all over the world. Its unique atmosphere attracts international VIPs every year. Famous designers such as Hermes, Gucci, Pu...   our offers


Heart of Liguria

Genoa is capital city of Liguria and divides the region into "Riviera di Ponente" (Ponente coast) to the west and "Riviera di Levante" (Levante coast) to the east. Genoa has one of the biggest histor...   our offers

Sestri Levante

The coastal town of Sestri Levante

The picturesque town of Sestri Levante has approx. 21.000 inhabitants and is located at the Ligurian „Riviera di Levante“between Portofino and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre. For your arrival to Sestr...   our offers


Capital city and seaport Savona

Savona is capital city of the province of Savona. With approx. 61.000 inhabitants Savona is the third biggest city of Liguria. In the province of Savona, beautiful cities such as Alassio, Albenga, Finale Ligure and Loano are located. Big...   our offers


Queen of the "Riviera of Flowers"

The coastal city Sanremo / San Remo belongs to the province of Imperia in Liguria. It has approx. 55.000 inhabitants and is located at the western "Riviera di Ponente" in Liguria. Due to its proximity to the French border (25 km) yo...   our offers