Queen of the "Riviera of Flowers"

The coastal city Sanremo / San Remo belongs to the province of Imperia in Liguria. It has approx. 55.000 inhabitants and is located at the western "Riviera di Ponente" in Liguria. Due to its proximity to the French border (25 km) you can easily get there from the airport of Nice.


Sanremo is the most important and most popular city of the "Riviera of Flowers". 


The "Festival of San Remo", which has taken place in the Casino of Sanremo since 1951, made the city renowned all over the world.


Since 1970 the city has been the finish point of the 296 km long "Granfondo MAILAND - SAN REMO" - the world´s longest bike tour.


Even in earlier days Sanremo was a popular destination for vacations. The British loved to spend their winters at this coastal city in the 19th century. Nowadays it is very popular with Russians due to the mild climate in winter.  


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