Recipes of the green Ligurian cuisine

In Liguria the sea and the mountains meet. Because of this fact, some culinary dishes can only be found in Liguria. The climate, which is very mild throughout the year, offers ideal conditions for the growing of wild plants, vegetables and herbs, which are used for typical dishes such as the famous quiches.


Because of the high population density in the region of Liguria the local cuisine is very simple and saving. But due to the proximity to the Alpes, the Apennins and the Mediterranean Sea the cuisine also is much multifaceted. People use everything they can find in nature for preparing their dishes: sardines, calamari, shellfish and saltwater fish from the sea, herbs, vegetables and olives from the back land; rabbits and poultry from the stock farming; for example chestnuts and mushrooms from the woods.


Famous Ligurian dishes:


● World-famous pesto-sauce

● Vegetarian quiches with different fillings

● Filled mussels

● Pansotti with nut-sauce

● Rabbit stewed in white wine and olive oil


… and many more....